Recruitment Partner – Set your own targets, own your niche, keep 70% of your billings… - England

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£50,000 - £70,000 - HR
Ref: 90 Date Posted: Monday 28 Jan 2019
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£10,000 per month. That’s your target, isn’t it? Are we close? And you’re hitting that target, aren’t you? Things are great! You’re carried on the shoulders of your team, high fives abound. Your manager brings you a bottle of fizz on Friday, you get to ring the bell…again! You nailed this month! I mean, you really went for it! Kudos!
Now it’s pay day, you’re on a high. You check the bank, your salary PLUS bonus is in!... Minus the tax, minus the increased NI, the student loan company might also want a slice. How much of that £10,000 lands in your bank 25%, 30% less? The Wolf of Wall Street images fade and to top that off it’s the 1st of the month tomorrow and you’re back to zero.
Your pipeline is low because you’ve been busy ‘killing it and filling it!’. Your manager, ‘wants a word’. So, the music starts, and the roller coaster sets back off up the hill…
Sound familiar? Wish there was a better way?
If you love what you do but wish you could get off the roller coaster. Wish you could build something that’s yours? There is a better approach, a more Human Approach.
We’re expanding across the UK and are looking for driven Recruitment Professionals to join our team. Our team work under one established brand. With a support network, community, full training and mentoring; you will have all the tools you need to help you succeed. And you keep 70% of your billings and choose your own hours.
As a Human Associate you’ll have access to:
Full training and support
Your own web presence and CRM
Social Media Management
Tried and tested tools and processes
Ongoing Development and Mentoring
Community events and support
Back office support
One of our Associates recently increased their billings by over 60% in the first months of working with us.
If you have ever thought about starting your own Recruitment business but don’t know where to start. If you want to learn more why not book your Chemistry Session with Amy and learn more about becoming a Human Associate.
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